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PinPoint is provided by Finsphere Corporation. Finsphere was founded on a simple, yet powerful vision: using your mobile phone as a proxy for your identity. Mobile phones have become personal electronic communication devices, connected to the largest communication networks in the world, and largely carried by individuals at all times. With over five billion mobile phones in use today, they are by far the most ubiquitous electronic devices in the world. And with the right technology, these qualities can also make the mobile phone a dynamic identity authentication instrument.

Finsphere has developed various Identity Security Services and one of the services is for consumer transaction monitoring. Transaction Monitoring is a wholesale a service offering, which monitors credit and debit card transactions for fraudulent activity and is available for white label distribution by financial services providers and financial institutions. Consumer credit report monitoring services on the market today only monitor for new lines of credit opened using stolen identities. However, 70% of consumer financial fraud is the result of compromises to existing accounts. Transaction Monitoring fills that gap by bringing Mobile as Identity direct to the consumer to protect existing card accounts.

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