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Beyond the Check-In: How Location Services Can Now Fight Identity Theft

"This launch proves the untapped potential for location services to expand far beyond mapping, navigation and check-ins." 
- Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb on The New York Times  


The First Location Based Fraud Monitoring Service

"I've been looking forward to the day when financial companies would begin to leverage mobile phone location to fight payments fraud. That day has arrived with the launch of Finsphere's PinPoint"
- Jim Bruene:


A New Way of Fighting Fraud

"It puts location-based services to a use that is very imaginative and highly-convenient."
- Roger H of



Finsphere's PinPoint Identifies Your Identity by Cell

"The beauty of this program is that it represents an innovation in how we look at our identities."
- Jake Stroup:




Finsphere looks to use mobile phones to wipe out identity theft

"Credit card fraud is a nasty problem, with new schemes emerging all the time. Finsphere...believes it has come up with an effective solution"
- John Cook:




Service using mobile phones to fight fraud targets consumers

"Finsphere Corp.'s PinPoint service...goes beyond the typical transaction monitoring system by incorporating location data gathered from consumer's mobile phones"
- Daniel Wolfe: American Banker




Mobile Phone Proximity for Fraud Deterrence

"Finsphere, formed in 2007, leverages data available from mobile network operators to create products that use mobile phones as a proxy for personal identification."
- David Robertson: The Nilson Report



Stealth tech startup Finsphere Corp. nabs nearly $10M

"Bellevue technology start up Finsphere Corp. has scored nearly $10 million in funding and is recruiting software developers and engineers"
- Eric Engleman: Puget Sound Business Journal


PinPoint protects purchases based on your phone's location 

"Your phone knows where you are. Why not your bank?...PinPoint uses Finsphere’s Mobile Identity Protection (MIP) technology to flag 'high risk' transactions." 
- Cody Barbierri: VentureBeat